Freitag, 27. April 2007

This is yet another private blog

But it will become more.

I think for me it is not necessary to have a private homepage anymore. All information I have to share with the world could be shared using BLOGs. Actually I run several Blogs, each with different topics. This one is my "Main Blog" and it is a real blog. I try to abuse other blogs as homepage.
I try to show, that that is possible. After bad experiences with free web hosting services I got sick of all the trouble I had. Blog hosting services and picture hosting services like imageshack, photobucket etc can satisfy all needs for private persons. Moreover that private homepages can benefit from all these social network stuff and can get new visitors this way. And it is easy. Web Design becomes very easy and you don't have to be very familiar with html or php.

This in generally a German blog. However for sure I will have a side blog for my international friends. Announcements and general info will be posted here. Therefore I have a tag for you. This will list you all English content of this homepage.

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