Montag, 30. Juli 2007


Ok, next I will add a blog roll. I'm looking for a automated blogroll widget like I found at
I will separate the blogs in my hobbies and interests i.e. in the new categories of my blogs ;-)

my feeds in google reader:
(the checkbox has no function. I copied it from my dashboard)

I have more feeds in my netvibes. Though I need a tool to manage my blog roll ;-)

Brass Goggles
Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
fatgoblin's ranting
Friedels Blog
Games Workshop News
Hörbuch- und Podcast-Blog
Im Fruehmittelalter (Im Fruehmittelalter: becoming a reenactor) : Kurzversion
London Leben
mad painter's diary
MajusArts Blog
Meine lebende Geschichte (living history for beginners)
Mister Wong-Blog
Official Google Reader Blog
Ollbergers Malstube
oose Informatik-Podcast
RSS - Regulations, Statutes and Standards
RSS BLOGGER Project News: FreeCol Project News: Toes Online (including full news text) Project of the Month listing
The Revenge of Carlos Plynkes
The Steampunk Workshop
Tiny Tin Men
University of Surrey News

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